You always say “good afternoon” to the same shabby faces
you answer “well” to the question “how are you”, when in fact you are doing nothing and you’ve long since ceased to be in any way
the neighbors mistake you with a vision that they encounter on the stairwell
they talk to you as if they know you and it drives you mad
they imagine you are bored to death and can’t wait to exclaim: “wow, what a small world”
with that bovine enthusiasm that goes straight to the hearts of the soap-opera lovers
they imagine that you must have watched a soap opera at some point in your life
and therefore you know how life is

whereas you envy, like the scoundrel that you are, everyone for whom the world still seems
an evening scenery that blends together the sky and the earth
everyone that can mistake reality with God knows what naïve fantasy
everyone that is still duped by desires

the world tightens around you like a noose
or stuffs you inside of it like in a box


There must have been something more
A God to share with each other
But we had just a dying angel
Tattooed on the chest with the names of all fears…


Sometime, one day, that we may very well call tomorrow,
Everything will be fine
I will find your house in a forest of houses
I will decipher your voice in a labyrinth of voices
I will find your scent like a wild animal that recognizes its mate from afar

We won’t have to share everything like we did so far
– One slice of sky for you one slice of sky for me –
We’ll the same sky together
We’ll spend our nights in the same silences
We’ll give up the questions at the same time

One day, maybe tomorrow
I will knock at your door dragging this huge love behind me
Like a shot animal that is bleeding profusely
The only one of its kind in the world
So that we can witness its very last breath

I was joking
tomorrow we’ll be happy
tomorrow we’ll make love like true romantic heroes
until the end of time
do you promise?


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