I don’t exist

According to all evidences
I don’t exist.
It’s a fact.
I even have scientific proofs to testify it.

I don’t exist in many ways
Nor for the waters or for the birds
Nor for the children of the neighborhood
Nor for the twin pine trees I have planted
Nor for the cats from the roofs
If they don’t miss me it’s because I don’t exist

I’m but a drawing on the pavement
A shadow taming other shadows

Humankind wouldn’t be at all unhappier
If I disappeared
Springtime would continue to rave the world
The sea would keep on drowning ships
The mountains would still have the dinner with the stars
The children would keep on growing and disappearing into adults
The rain would continue to fall over straight or skewed shoulders
The moon would continue to chase the solitude of the damned
If I disappeared all these would be the same and would blindly go on

I don’t exist
And this fact makes me invulnerable
When you don’t exist you cannot fall
You cannot melt into undesired things and beings
You cannot even die
When you don’t exist you are free, like a God

The world lies at your feet like a huge animal
That you can caress or hit with anger
And nobody would ever know

Free like a God

Free like nothingness


Shadow curtain

The world is always hiding behind a curtain
Sometimes the tissue is like vapours other times it’s as hard as rock
Or fine and sleek, as slippery as an eel
Sometimes it seems to be made of the inflammable substance of desire
Or only of shadows

The purpose of every curtain is to transform things into decors
To thrill
To announce a show
You never know what’s behind a curtain, but you imagine things
And sometimes, when it is pulled, only the image of an empty stage appears
You think someone will enter, will say some words, will at least make a gesture
But nothing happens

It takes you a while to understand:
The world is not beyond the curtain
It is the curtain
The veil
The waiting
The skulk
The qualm
The restlessness
The bustle
The patience
The light that slowly goes out

You realize that the role of the curtain
Is not to unveil something
But to prepare you
For the encounter

With the absence of the show



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