Her body is a waiting room

Patience is for nothing
Pain is for nothing
Courage is for nothing
Dream is for nothing
Talent is for nothing

Everything proves, sooner or later, to be purposeless
and turns back like a boomerang to the point of origin from which everything burst out
a hot point in the brains that turned into a wound after the explosion

You say purposeless and nothingness until the moment when the meaning of the words turns into sounds and the sounds into splints of voice…
Purposeless nothingness purposeless nothingness

Only a miracle could repay all these
And you wait

Her body is a waiting room
of this miracle

At the end of every touch is an invisible door
If you pass through it, you may find yourself projected
in any moment of the past you wish
or of the fiction
you can be 20 again and have a heart foaming with revolt
or shining with desire
you can be as tall as you want,
you can even scratch the sky with your shoulders
at the end of every kiss is a window
if you know how to look through it
you can see your dead and wounded alive and safe

Her body is a map that shows everything remained unspoken, unlived, unhappened inside you

Her body is a passage to the unknown
Maybe this body will imprison you
Maybe it will lock you inside or eat you up like a carnivorous plant
Maybe it will save you

This body may bring you comfort or bring back to you all the lost and wasted mornings
crushed under the boot of reality

Maybe it will resurrect the dream inside you
or cast away the pain

Her body is a lifebuoy that you hang onto
not to drown into the more and more rapid, darker, colder, deeper
waters of melancholia

Her body is an asylum
you enter it
to get rid of the skins
that don’t fit you anymore
that became too tight or too heavy for you
to get cured of death

Her body is a reverie
it is your own soul incarnated that you can stick your fangs into
with fury
with sorrow
with curiosity
or compassion

Her body is memory
is everything you want to remember and preserve of this life wherein everything is waste and noise
everything but these mute caresses
these narcotic caresses

Her body is your playground
and that’s great,
you feel wonderful
no burden oppresses your back

Her body is the battlefield
where you fight the shadows
of all men that passed you by or through
that you called sometimes I and sometimes The Other

Her body is your freedom to go nuts or to keep yourself away from madness

My body is your freedom to say No to the nothingness that sprouted into your heart
Your body is my freedom to defy the time that left its marks into your flesh like a predator

My body is your exit from a world invaded by desert

Your body is everything to me but a body


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