Last wish

Once the earth was a fabulous place
All of my roads had a secret passage to the sea
I could walk through the desert and hear the bark of the dogs from the moon
The northern forests were crossed by rivers of music…

Now the earth is but an endless, faded, dry field
There is not a drop of beauty to quench my thirst

Sing to me something that resembles you
Make a sign for me that I could keep forever
A gesture that I could build a shell of
Or do something to cure my longing
Be ugly, be shallow, be ordinary!

All I remember about me is the radiance of your being
Some skins of yours that you left behind
Remains from a grimace, a blue gleam of your irony,
A burst into laughter that calls the snowfall
The lazy and soft movements of your fingers playing with the sleeve of the coat
Apart from your warmth everything is anguish…

I don’t know what to wish for anymore

My only desire would be to escape from this world
Into a drawing of yours made when you were a child


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