Elegy / lyrics for a song

A crude and jealous God split us apart
Our fantasies deluge in agony
Our love seems like a bed of fog exiled
In the  rooms of another destiny

During the frozen nights without angels
Visions of passion scatter in the air
They have your taste, your fever, your despair
I call them then I banish them like strangers…

The awes, the pain, the touch of silence
All gather in your image from the past
Like in a hunt of fall all miracles
Are breaking down shut in their chest

If I’ve been meant to fall in love once more
I couldn’t do it but after my death
‘Cause in the solitude’s ascetic core
I see your bitter smile, I feel your breath

I see your tense, afflicted, tired sight
Cutting the sky light, turning into gray
I see all our longings crucified
Clocks measuring the love that fades away…



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