The taste of the rain


When I was a child your phantom used to visit me
Lurking for me from behind a velvet-curtain
That covered the entrance of the cellar
Or waited for me hidden under the blanket
I could feel your breath, your smell imprinted in my pillow
Melting with my own

You promised me we’ll remain children forever

Your phantom used to bring me candies when I was ill
It lent me your sweater when I was cold
It took me to the movies when my sweethearts abandoned me
We knew everything we were able to do everything
Our love cured the old animals, it stopped the earthquakes, extinguished the fires

You promised me we’ll never get old


As the years passed by I understood it:
You will slowly disappear
First, a lightning will chow down your shoulders
Then the darkness will cover your body, will blot out your face, will bury your traces…

The boreal winds already began to eat your cheeks, your temples are parched
I wonder if I could ever again identify your smile crashed under the fog hunks of the time
If I will be able to recognize your shadow among the other shadows
Eventually the only thing that I’ll keep from you will be the taste of the rain
The wax of melancholy that burns my words

You promised me we will never die.




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