Cinderella / Lyrics for a song


For a few hours I had no gravity
The world was a tin coin I was twisting in my pocket

The melted snow was flooding my boots,
The frosted air, the leafless branches,
The transparent darkness,
The foreigners watching me for a second,
The traces of steps through the mud,
Everything was turning into you
Your body became huge,
Taking the shape of the sky, of the roofs, of the trees
And I was in the center of the world

A few hours and then came the fall

Don’t leave me alone under the purple cold sky

Remain in my blood
Don’t leave me orphan of your sights,
of the taste of your laughter…
Let me adore your shadow
Let me indulge in your lies
Let me be your Cinderella
Don’t force me to marry the prince…
Remain in my blood
Please, please.


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