On pigs and gods

The day when the pigs are sacrificed is a sacred one for folks like ours.
There is a whole ritual around the crime, the fact doesn’t happen arbitrarily.
The pig is sacrificed by men, in a big ceremony, in the name of God Man.

The pig is a sensible and intelligent animal.
He looks into your eyes, sure that he understands you,
Convinced that he knows what you feel, what you want
He is positive he has all your benediction and nobleness on his side.

Men grow pigs for their flesh but the pigs believe in Mankind
They think that men give them the everyday bread, from the bottom of their hearts…
Pigs have even more reasons to believe in Men
Than men have to believe in Gods:
Pigs see their Masters everyday: they feel really spoiled with all that attention and care
The masters even give them personal names, in their godly language
Everything goes on marvelously
Until the day they get hungry.

The animal that looked into men’s eyes that put his faith in them and in their mercy
That loves them in such a way one can love only a truly divine being
Finds himself totally confused when seeing the knife
Probably, in the moment before death, all pigs turn into atheists.

The hunt is a natural ritual, it is part of nature
The prey knows what is happening, it is aware of being a prey
And sees its deadly enemy in the hunter
The hunt is not at all abominable
All species hunt each other someway
But animals grown for meat have a different fate.

The pig believes in the Man God
He is convinced of his privilege
Unlike the savage animals that are hunted
He is protected by humans, befriended
He is hosted by Man close to his home
He lives at the edge of the Human Paradise.

The pig piously believes he is the chosen of Man
Like men believe themselves to be the chosen of Gods.
On the day of the pigs’ sacrifice, man’s transfiguration takes place.
On that particular day the pig is morally superior to the human being.

Men also live from the remains of the God’s repasts
At the edge of the heavenly paradise
Full of piety and gratitude
Some of them kneel in front of the Beauty
Other in front of Justice or of Truth.

“Tell me what God you believe in so that I can to tell you if you’ll die in pain or in revolt
Or if you will crush into distrust and nihilism”.
There might be some who believe in Freedom, they’re meant to die in a claustrophobic attack.

What else are our fabulous bursts and flames?
Our ardour, our passion, our wonderful fantasies
What else are our lives but food for Gods?

My heart

I believe in Music and only Music has powers upon me.
I know that one day Music will turn against me, will assault me, will surround my heart.
It will fatten it with its perfume, like Men fatten the pigs.
Music will spread the love seed into my heart
And will make it grow like the sprout of a magic plant.

The plant will become huge, it will grow higher and higher, it will reach the sky
And like this, swelled with love, embalmed in music
Like a plump pig
My heart will be served to the God on a tray
On the day of my sacrifice.


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