Incantation during rain time

Incantation during rain time

Rains holding each other by the hands
Rains following each other like an echo
I’ll give you my rain if you please

It rains now from the ground to the sky
It rains in our years
The words you said turn into stone and I hold them tightly in my mouth

My beautiful picture

Do you remember when we were born for the first time?
Do you remember how many rains washed our faces since then?
Do you remember all the bodies that we’ve touched through our turbulent souls?

It is raining in our sleep
My rain is holding your rain’s hands
They are following each other like an echo…

There where the walls are falling down

One day we will stand face to face
Your hands will caress my grizzled heartache
Your smile will cure my ruined thoughts
There will come a time when the muteness
and the unknown separating us
Will vanish along with the memory of the pain
There will be an endless second
When your tears will appease my thirst
When your sorrowful hair will delicately cover
My completely shaved soul.

The hospital without exit

The city turned into a huge hospital
With bars covering the horizon
Without windows without exit
A hospital wherein the ceremony of our break up
Is happening each day
We are sliding from one day to the other
Walking blindly through aisles full of lime
We are crossing this entire hospital without end without windows
rambling through the desert heartscapes
We are submitting ourselves to all appearances of hate or love
Buried alive inside that memory
In which our transparent bodies
Keep burning in the borderless darkness
Conceiving the philosophical stone and all the other mysteries.


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