on stupidity

Nobody will teach you to disobey the stupidities of your teachers.


The imbecility is conformist, self-sufficient, banal, uninspired and dull: it’s a serial product. On the other hand the most stupid human beings are prone to recommend themselves as: nonconformist, modest, full of humor and fantasy, blessed with strong personalities. Somehow they are aware of what they lack the most…


When they are helpless the idiots are the victims of society, when they are powerful the society becomes their victim.


An intelligent person admits his (her) faults. A stupid is always faultless.


The stupidity is like an incurable virus. There is no treatment for it. It can humiliate even the best doctor of minds, it’s resistant to any logical pressure and to any cultural bombardment, it can be even lethal in certain serious cases and the worst thing: it is contagious.


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