Illusions and reality for everyone

A philosopher will always prefer a reality, not matter how upsetting over an illusion, no matter how ravishing.
A poet will prefer to live the beauty of illusion, although she knows what the reality is.
A philosopher who is also a poet will always be a skeptic.
A mystical person will see the reality of the illusion and will state that reality is illusory.
A scientist will call the illusion unreal and will deny its existence.
An idealist will know what is real and what illusory, but he will imagine he can upraise the reality at the summit of illusion.
A pessimist will live from illusions condemning reality for it.
A realist will blame the illusion for the unhappiness of living in reality.
An optimist will always see the illusory part of reality with indulgent eyes.
An illusionist will take advantage of illusions in order to falsify reality.
An actor will seek the essence of reality in its illusory representations.
A psychologist will explore the human illusions for a better understanding of reality.
A neurotic person will live in illusory realities that are uglier than any reality.
A lazy person will always blame reality for his illusions.
A politician will know how to exploit the illusions of others in the benefit of his own reality.
A naïf will never distinguish between illusion and reality.
A lucid person will be critical towards illusion and reality as well, regretting that he failed in cultivating illusions…
An adventurer will always consider that illusion is the one making reality tasteful.
A coward will fear the power of illusion and its dangerous consequences.
A lover will bet on the symbiotic union between reality and illusion.
A defeated person will see illusion as a good counselor and reality as an endless night.
An idiot will never admit she ever let herself driven by an illusion.
A wise person will accept illusions indulgently and will keep her exigent views for reality.
A rationalist will consider that illusions are a form of blindness in front of a reality that cannot be seen but in the light of reason.
A dreamer will say that only illusions talk about our true inner nature.
An existentialist will state that the illusions are an aspect of reality.
A moralist will think that illusions have good and bad sides, but they cannot be changed, while reality can be changed for the better.
An aesthetician will be able to realize that illusions have an aesthetic vibrato more penetrating than the one of reality.
A good advocate will know how to make reality seem illusory and illusion seem real.
A bigot will confound illusion with faith and the reality with his certainties.
A logician will look for the definition of illusion in order to say what reality is.
A madman will confound illusion with reality and sometime he will enjoy it, some other times he won’t.
A socialist will fight for the eradication capitalist illusions in the name of a better reality for the poor.
A capitalist will fight to exploit the illusions of the poor in the name of a better reality for the rich.
To a fanatic his illusions are more important than the reality of others.
In the eyes of a pacifist the difference between illusion and reality is no longer important if people are ready to kill each other in order to establish it.
A vain person will claim his illusions to be more realistic than others’.
A paranoiac will always suspect there is someone in reality conspiring to create illusions to delude him.
A visionary person will know how to predict reality by studying the illusions of men.
A priest will decide to sacrifice reality IN THE NAME of illusion, in all circumstances.
A banker will exploit the illusions of people in the advantage of his reality.


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