A poor breath

I am but a poor breath, mister businessman
A wee thing
A mosquito, an insect, a bug
Or something even smaller, invisible: a bacteria
That’s me.

You don’t have to pay attention to me
I am somewhere somehow in the air that you breathe
You don’t have to panic when my mug appears in your nightmares
I have no power over you
You are at the head of the system
I’m just the raw material that you build your empire of
My misery is the substance that feeds the numberless proofs of your superiority
I’m a sponger, a nobody, a yob, a rambler
A poor breath muttering nonsense
Babbling random lyrics
A retard that had no idea how to invest
An idiot who wasted a precious lifetime
On tropes and metaphors

Do not have mercy for me
Don’t feel sorry for me, mister businessman
It would be pointless
I never know how to sniff out the opportunities
How to promptly answer to the challenges
I am a lounger
I deserve my fate

Even when you feed yourself from my flesh
Or from my right to sun and laziness
It’s useless to tear for me
Because I am nobody
I can live so well without you
Mister businessman
My raw material is my own dreaming
It would be ridiculous to cry for me
Anytime you close your eyes I fly
You don’t see me fluttering over the heads of your species
you see only my smoked feet
my ragged hands
my drained body

Anytime you turn your back
I sing

Don’t get worry about me
I know you feel me like a conjoined twin
Fatally stuck on your every nerve
An undesired brother
Whose lungs help you breathe
A misfortune

There are no reasons to feel sorry for me
You should resent me
I am the fall for you, the sickness, the fear

Do not look at my chains
At my bleeding ankles
At my tormented words

Get it: it’s not me who is the slave
And calm down
Drink your black coffee peacefully
Count your bank accounts quietly

You cannot hurt me
You cannot strip me of my nothingness

Things have been divided equitably
Between us
You have everything
I am free

Anytime when you fall asleep
I put on my uselessness as a decoration
And I start running through the blossomed field
To the horizon line and even further


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