Your sea

I was in India, an outcast
I used to walk on the noisy lanes full of swill and beggars
Calcutta is extremely vivid by the time of twilight
I dragged my sadness among the whoops of monkeys and of starving children
I used to daub the whole earth and sky with my bleeding thoughts
I remember everything clearly
From the sound of the steps to the hunger of my heart
The lepers held on to my arms like shipwrecked men on a putrid branch
I was caught in that human swarm like a dying creature in the trawl of the fisher
Every face I saw gave me pain

I don’t know how and when, from where
You appeared
You fetched me on some intricate rides
We entered a house that seemed ready to fall down
You showed me an old wall of stone, blackened by time
You drew a window in the air and the wall crushed
A true window was there
I could see the beach and the see
A true window that I could escape through from my outcast skin
It was that simple

In what life is this happening? I asked you
When you will save me from the pain of looking at the face of the world?
How you will come to save me with your sea?

When I woke up I could feel the breeze
The heavy smell of Calcutta’s streets disappeared

Everywhere there’s only you and your sea
I live enveloped inside your beauty like into a huge womb
But every time when I close my eyes
I am sprout by all those desperate faces
By the smell of sufferance

Save them with your sea, save them too!
I’m not more dignified of your melancholy…


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