Once, the water of eternal youth dripped from my temples
My feet used to draw on the asphalt wild flowers when walking
I could caress with the same hands the clouds and the old gnarled trunks
I used to utter the incantations and the revolt in the same tongue
And all these happened in a unique and endless story
Wherein my body was the link between sky and water, between fire and earth


Now I wonder which body, what does “I” mean?
And I stare to the stars with bovine ignorance
I move chaotically on the grey asphalt
Only unpleasant questions burst from my temples
If I talk or keep the silent it’s the same
It I laugh or cry, if I run or lie it is just the same
I could get lost somewhere in a cave and keep on hassling with the world out there
I don’t care
I have thousands of arguments and not a single story to share.


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