The obscure room

I don’t know for how long I stayed in the obscure room
Enchained in his illusions
The fear sniffed my bleeding soul
And followed me like a dog

Sometimes I happened to dream I was alive
Running through an unknown town
Attracted by the gravitational force of your music
Towards all that remained entire of myself

Hurt me
I want you to be the source of my sufferance
I want you to give me pain
And not another

I was sleepy and cold all the time
In the obscure room

Your music was fusing with the snow and clearing away the fog
It showed me the sun and I really saw it

His love was forcing me to live in a minor key
This becomes anguishing in time
His love was forcing me to live
His love was forcing me

I was staying in the obscure room dreaming of a single painting
From a house in which we lived together
Once upon a time that I have no more memories of

I was dreaming a single sequence all the time
Single like the truth

Somewhere in the painting
On the streets of an unknown town
There was me running towards you
It was springtime for the first time

I took a deep breath and the air smelled like life

You are everything that remained entire of me
And of this ruined world
Populated only by sick men and strangers

I want you to give me pain and not another
I want only your music to make me cry
Then, when I am dragged into the obscure room
And imprisoned there
By other men’s love







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