The first date

It happened at the hour when the angels came by
to pick up the garbage
On that day when only the loners and the ramblers were still roaming the streets
In the only evening when you didn’t have anything to do, anything scheduled
When you had some spare time to be happy
The rain was following us like a dog
“Which is your favourite season what books do you love what people and what music”
You smile was arising in the corner of my lips

Tomorrow we will be a day more strangers
In a month my smile will disappear from your mind
Only a blurred spot will remain in its place
In a year we’ll drink some beer together we’ll be comrades
We’ll share confessions to each other like two men
We’ll celebrate together the defeat of the woman inside me
We’ll be richer with one more failed love

Anyway tonight I’ll be happy
I could adore you without qualms
Without being supposed to invent sophisms to improvise lies to excuse me in my own eyes
Tonight I’ll troll our first date in all possible keys
I will make amulets of it
I will decompose it frame by frame and I will reassemble it upon my heart’s appetite
Nothing compares to a night of happiness when everything seems possible
A night in which I could indulge myself with an immaculate newborn love

Tonight I will sleep holding your shadow in my arms
Until the hour when the angels come by to pick up the garbage


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