Conjoined twins


Conjoined twins

You will talk about stars and blossomed fields, about mountains and seas, about sunny mornings
I will be silent about the sunsets from the ghettos, about the springtime that will never come

You will be frank you will unload your heart into my chest like a firearm
I will lie that I can take it and I’ll say I can carry your sadness on my back once more
You will be tearing, I will be laughing, mockingly,
Your eyes will turn green like those fields and seas from your dreams
My eyes will be dusty and gray like the walls of this bloody town I’m a prisoner in
You will tell me with aristocratic guts how come we are equal and alike
And I will indulgently approve, improvising a bright smile
You will stare at me for a while, innocently stating: “I can finally see you clearly”
I will writhe and answer: I am glad.
Knowing as clear as daylight the dark side of the truth

This is how we came to be from the beginning:
Two conjoined twins stuck back to back
That can never see their faces for real.



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