Bad heredity

We’ve been born with a bad heredity
with a past heavier than uranium
and with no future at all

we’ve been born to wave flags and to sing patriotic songs
to wash boots and dishes for old or new masters
we’ve been born with a huge grin on our face and without a drop of humour


we’ve been purposeless from the beginning, always useless
in the bargain
a dull and trifling crowd of nobody knows who
losers, from the early ages

doped with vanities, fed with cynicism
walking hand in hand with lie
through the basements of a reality even uglier than a harpy


we’ve been born to carry, each one, on his back
his own weight in shadows
to parade through the world with exhausted arms
accompanying an inert body like half-mast flags
in the blow of autumnal winds

we’ve been born to stare from afar at those trains that never stop in front of our cages
to be pioneers and nerds and working men and old inmates
to fill the waiting rooms of happiness with cigarette butts

we’ve been born to march
to enroll in institutions
to revolt in a civilized manner
to show our fist gracefully in front of the cameras

we’ve been born to learn how to spell, clearly
with conviction
with a true smile, hanging on our lips:




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