The beauty and the beast

My forehead is bright, smooth and spotless
Your forehead is frowned and scratched
Why do I want so eagerly to crush my temples against yours?

My lips are perfectly vaulted in an angelic smile
Yours are making wry faces and look like hell painted with that clown-like lipstick
Why do I want so desperately to kiss them?
My eyes are pure like a mountain spring
Yours are hazy, drown in smog
Why do I dream myself subdued by your sight?

My hair is long and silky, fabulously cut
Yours is a mess
Why do I long for it like an idiot?
Why don’t I get fed up with my own wisdom?
Why do I find my own beauty extremely boring?
Why do I starve for your irony?
And envy your eccentric bad moods?
Why do I see in your cynicism a true pedigree,
Why do I taste with such appetite your frivolity
Since it took me so long to defeat my own cynicism
Since I fought so hard to repress my own frivolity?

I am generous, restrained, well balanced
Loved and understood by everybody
You’re a punk, bold and excessive
Resented by many
Always misjudged and misunderstood
An outcast

I am the good girl from the fairytales
The one that endures everything
The trustful friend, full of grace
The quiet girl from parents’ dreams
Always rewarded
You have always been the bad ass, the boy with the slingshot
The lazy guy, recalcitrant
The jerk who doesn’t call
A beast
Why do I want with such hunger to feel your teeth piercing my flesh?

You are a nomad
Your volatile being is always on the road, running, always adrift
I get roots even in the middle of the desert
I’m in a good equilibrium even during a savage storm
You waggle like a drunkard, stumbling on your own shadow

Then why?
Why do I want so desperately to be one with you?
Why do I want to be one with you?


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